Old Russian Base

About 3 kilometers northwest of Hanhongor is a small range of hills, of which at the base are the remains of an old Russian Army base. Built in the late 60s and intentionally destroyed by the Russians when they abandoned the site in the early 80s, it served as a listening station for Chinese communications. It was never very large, only about 30 people at any given time but it did boast housing, offices, an antenna, an underground storage depot, and a small store with Russian goods. Darkhuu remembers visiting the store with a Russian friend who worked at the school, as well as Russian soldiers coming into town in the evenings looking for alcohol.  When the Russians left, they took must things and blew up the buildings, but there is enough left for some fun exploring. One does wonder though what those soldiers did wrong to be sent to an army base in the most desolate area of the most uninhabited country under Russian influence!

Brian heading out to the base on a recent walk

Santi exploring. Some of the remains are as they were after the explosion and some have been gathered up for scrap but never taken away.

Looking around you can guess where things were

as well as learn about what they ate and wore

The creepiest part of the base is the old storage depot (cave, really) that is in the base of the hills. I have never gone in but Brian and John went in once. Eak.

From the hills behind the base there are lovely views including what we call the painted hills of Hanhongor

and a nice view of Hanhongor

It is very restful on the top


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